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Date: 10.12.2018
Time: 07:41:43
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  Kam had released a new script. GTA SA IFP IO.
  With this script you can view the animations of SA.
by ocram

  So, before i release ocram Isle V2.0, here is a little Colfix for V1.0 .
by ocram
  DFF Export for everyone!!!

  Kam (GTAForums) has released a new version of his DFF IO.
  Now everyone can make maps.
  I hope Kam will make a version with animated UV in the future. :-)
  GTA SA IPL Mover in work.
by ocram
  Site update

  It gives a new Section -> ocram's Stuff .
  There i'll post all my maps. This time it gives ocram Isle V1.0.
  V2.0 Coming Soon. I've updated WIP, too.
  So, the problem in Firefox is now fixed. The white stripes are away.
  Have Fun!
by ocram
  Screen of ocram Isle V2.0

  Now i work on V2.0. The release is in a few days.
  Here are new pic of my map.
  Screens -----> Click
by ocram
  Odie :-(

  Today is sad day, because Steve-M told the message about Odie's. Odie died.
  He was the best mapper, his talent was awesome.
  You can read all info's in this Thread on GTAForums. Click
  Odie R.I.P.
by ocram
  Important :-)

  I've translated above 50% of this Site in Englische.
by ocram
  Third Tutorial

  The last two days i've worked on a tutorial about Radar Icons / Marker.
  You find it how ever in the tutorials section. ;-)
  Have Fun!
by ocram

  Today i've added the Keypress Numbers to the tutorials section.
  The Keypress Numbers are for the Mission Scripter.
  Have Fun with this.
  Now to the evening i've uploaded the new version of TXD Workshop hochgeladen.
  It is version 3.5 .

by ocram
  New Tools & New Stats in the Stat Tutorial

  It gives a new version of TXD Wordshop and i've replaced the old one with this.
  The second new thing is IMG Tools 2.0 , it open the .img Files of San Andreas
  The third is DirectX Hook for SA.
  With DirectX Hook you can use a window-Mod and/or a Coords display.
  At last i've added 13 new Stats to the Stat Tutorial.

by ocram
  Update of Stat Tutorial

  I've updated the Stat Tutorial.

by ocram
  Now again Updates!

  After four months i've updated my Page again.
  San Andreas cames out and i've uploaded the two Tools.
  These are TXD Workshop 3.3 for Textures and the Mission Builder 0.33
  for the Missionscripts. For the Mission Builder 0.33 i've written my 1st tutorial for SA,
  but this tutorial isn't complete.
  This Tutorial deal with four Opcodes. (Stat) (e.g. Muscle Stat)
  At least, i've updated the button of LazioFreak.

by ocram
  Moo Mapper

  Hi guys, it gives a new version of Moo Mapper.
  You found it in Downloads -> Editors & Tools.

by ocram
  Tutorial Added

  Today i've added a tutorial about the creation of Cullzones.
  You found it in Tutorials -> Mapping.

by ocram
  Tutorial Added

  Today i've added a Tutorial for TXD compression.
  Texture compression is good for smaller DL's.
  You found it in Tutorials -> Mapping.

by ocram
  New Version

  It gives a new version of Moo Mapper.
  The 'Texture Display' was updated.
  It gives a checkbox for alpha transparency.
  The 3D Display shows the notes of the Paths! That's cool. :-)
  In the future we can make our paths self.

by ocram
  I've setup the Download Section!

  Today i've added the most importent Editors & Tools to the Download Section.
  If you use my Tutorials, then you can download the right Editors & Tools there.

by ocram
  New Site!

  Today i start with my new Site in a new design.
  It's a remake of my 2 old Site.
  The English part is in work, but I'll translate is later.
  In the Statistics there are the 5 newest Downloads and Tutorials.
  And this is my Link-Button.

by ocram
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